San Diego’s Talent Equation

8232Talent… it’s the key to staying competitive. That’s not just sage advice for some would-be performer auditioning for a plum role. It is a truism that applies to both employees and employers alike as they look to remain competitive in the global marketplace.

The good news is that San Diego has talent in abundance. In its recent study “Talent: Where San Diego Stands,” the San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation, led by Mark Cafferty, found that the region added more than 72,000 degree holders in 2014 alone, which was more than any other similar metro area. In addition, San Diego ranked second in the growth of degree-holding millennials when compared to such peer metros as Austin, Denver, San Francisco and San Jose.

While that mass of talent is positive for the local economy, it also means that there is plenty of competition when it comes to landing a job.

Join Mark Cafferty and UC San Diego Extension’s Director of Research, Josh Shapiro as they detail what skills are most in demand for the fastest-growing careers both in San Diego and around the nation. Also, see how San Diego stacks up in the talent equation compared to other competitive cities and what that means for the economy and your career.

Watch San Diego’s Talent Equation with Mark Cafferty.

How the Defense and Aerospace Industries Shape San Diego’s Innovation Economy

8232Over the last 30 years, San Diego’s economy has emerged from a primarily military and defense contracting town into one of the leading innovation regions in America.

The term “innovation economy” is often used as an umbrella to capture businesses focused on everything from biotech and environmental applications to defense and wireless communications. They’re also interchangeably referred to as tech companies.

Key to San Diego’s innovation economy and identity are the aerospace and communications sectors, creating markets from drones to next-generation wireless communications. Explore the visionary technology igniting these industries and the implications this growth has to further propel San Diego as a leading global city. This program features nationally celebrated journalist James Fallows of The Atlantic magazine and executives from global technology leaders ViaSat, Solar Turbines and the Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS).

Watch Innovation Crossroads: From Drones to Cell Phones: How the Defense and Aerospace Industries Shape San Diego’s Innovation Economy.

An Insight on San Diego's Future with Former Mayor Jerry Sanders

25903Osher Lifelong Learning Institute and UC San Diego team up once again to host a special conversation about the social, political, and economic future of San Diego.

A recent episode of the Osher UCSD Distinguished Lecture Series follows Jerry Sanders through a much needed discussion on the health and welfare of San Diego. Now serving as CEO of the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce, Sanders possesses a background of distinguished positions, such as the former San Diego Mayor ’05-’12 and Chief of Police ’93-’99. His culmination of knowledge and experience make him abundantly qualified to examine and advise on the growth of America’s finest city. He even has the audience roaring with humorous tales from his long career along the way.

25924Watch A Conversation with Jerry Sanders for his insight on the strengths and weaknesses of San Diego in its mission to maintain the San Diego quality of life.

Be sure to visit Osher UCSD Distinguished Lecture Series for a variety of engaging speakers exploring noteworthy issues.

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Filner and DeMaio Clash at UCSD (and on UCSD-TV)

Bob Filner and Carl DeMaio have certainly kept San Diego’s mayoral race interesting, and their October 13 debate at UC San Diego was no exception.

Organized by UC San Diego students and moderated by San Diego 6 news anchor Heather Myers, there were some tense moments as the candidates took the stage (or didn’t) and tussled over issues ranging from the economy to negative campaigning.

If you couldn’t make it, don’t worry because UCSD-TV’s cameras were there to capture all the action. Watch it tonight (October 22) at 8pm on UCSD-TV or stream it online now. And whatever you do, remember to vote on November 6!

Filner v. DeMaio at UC San Diego

Aging in San Diego: Where We Are and Where We Need to Go

By 2030, adults 65 and over will make up twenty percent of our population. This new “Age Wave” is an opportunity to create a roadmap of healthy aging for generations to come.

Tune in tonight (August 9) at 8pm — or watch online now — to hear from Pamela Smith, Director of San Diego County’s Aging and Independence Services, who explains how communities as well as individuals can come together to meet the needs of older adults in “Aging in San Diego: Where We Are and Where We Need to Go.” Presented by UC San Diego’s Stein Institute for Research on Aging.