The Legacy of Jonas Salk

8232To those of a certain age, Jonas Salk is an icon. He’s the doctor who in the 1950’s, developed the first successful vaccine for polio; a disease that at its peak afflicted more than a half a million people a year. But as his sons Peter and Jonathan Salk describe here, the late Dr. Salk’s legacy extends far beyond his work in medicine.

Salk was among the first to blend art and science in the architecturally renowned Salk Institute for Biological Studies, which helped spawn a research mecca on the Torrey Pines Mesa in La Jolla. And, as UC San Diego’s Mary Walshok recounts to journalist Gary Robbins, Salk’s 1970 marriage to the French painter and best-selling author Francoise Gilot added a spark of glamour to San Diego’s bourgeoning scientific community.

Hearing these stories today makes it clear just how much one person can change the course of history – both in the region and the world.

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A Conversation with Joan Williams on Legally Speaking

8232Gender equality is nothing new. It gained public attention in the 1960s with the rebirth of the feminist movement. During that time, the typical worker was a man, married to a homemaker, who worked long hours for forty years without a break. While the workforce has changed, several decades later, the masculine ideal worker stereotype still exists.

Professor Joan C. Williams, one of the nation’s most cited experts on women and work, has played a central role in reshaping the debates over gender, class, and work-family issues.

Professor Williams has been described by The New York Times as having “something approaching rock star status.” For more than a quarter of a century, her work in the areas of pregnancy discrimination and work-family accommodation have helped define the issue of gender equality under the law.

In August, Hastings colleague Veena Dubal spoke with Williams about her career and about what she thinks American businesses must do to achieve more gender equality. This program is part of a series of in-depth interviews with prominent lawyers, judges, and academics presented by UC Hastings College of the Law and California Lawyer.

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Water Policy and the Drought

8232If you’ve spent anytime in California in the last few years, you know this: California is in the midst of a severe drought. But while the lack of rainfall is not in dispute, there is widespread disagreement on how to respond.

A panel convened for Cal Day at UC Berkeley explores policy options that could attract support throughout the state, even from groups with conflicting interests. These experts argue that despite the diversity of perspectives in California, the state is well-positioned to achieve bipartisan consensus on solutions that will affect everyone.

Just what do they have in mind? Watch Water Policy and the Drought to find out!

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Privacy, Policy and HIV Care

8232 How does the current trend toward big data affect HIV? Jeffrey Crowley, a Distinguished Scholar and Program Director of the National HIV/AIDS Initiative at Georgetown Law, describes a new way of thinking about the competing impulses to protect privacy while sharing information that could lead to innovations in care. He examines existing privacy protections, explores how testing and counseling methods have shifted and how big data is impacting HIV treatment and prevention.

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Crossing the Border

8232Lynn Schenk, the former Congresswoman from San Diego, steals the show here as she recalls what she and others had to do to outsmart a veteran Texas committee chairman to get a fast lane – called the SENTRI — approved for low-risk travelers crossing the border from Mexico into California in 1995.

Panelists reflect on the impact of that pivotal event and present a new, high-tech vision for improving efficiency at Otay Mesa and San Ysidro, the busiest land border crossing in the world.

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