"60 Seconds and You're Hired!" with Robin Ryan

If you enjoy what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.

But how do you land your dream job?

Top career coach and author Robin Ryan visited UC San Diego for 2013 Career Boost Camp and UCSD-TV has captured some of her tips for taking your career to the next level.

Hear her strategies for promoting your own personal brand that will allow you to pursue more fulfilling work, while representing yourself as best you can to potential employers.

Watch “60 Seconds and You’re Hired!” with Robin Ryan as she discusses how to improve your career with Reo Carr, executive editor of San Diego Business Journal.

For more career tips check out Robin Ryan’s book, “60 Seconds and You’re Hired!” or check out the articles, videos and podcasts available at The Career Channel.

The Resurgence of Manufacturing

The most recent presidential election brought the issue of outsourcing to the forefront of Americans’ minds as citizens became concerned that they were losing their jobs to factories in China or Bangladesh.

However, Peter Cowhey, Dean of the School of International Relations and Pacific Studies at UC San Diego, tells us that the U.S. remains the largest manufacturer based on total output.

As rumors stir about the de-industrialization of America, Cowhey explains that the rate of manufacturing only seems to be drastically declining, because it is not growing as fast as the rest of our economy.

In “The Resurgence of Manufacturing in the United States,” Cowhey is joined by Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs, Vizio CEO Willliam Wang, former Gateway CEO Ted Waitt and journalist James Fallows to discuss the trends of manufacturing as well as strategies for keeping and creating jobs in the United States.

For more videos with Peter Cowhey, click here or see what other programs on globalization are available.

A Career in Beer is Near

San Diego’s beer business is booming as the city is becoming known as the craft brew capital of the nation.

The beer industry brought San Diego $680.8 million in sales in 2011 and totaled $299.5 million in wages, contracts, and capital expenses. In 2011, there were 52 licensed breweries in San Diego county and since then 33 more licenses have been issued. As the industry grows, many new jobs are created and UC San Diego Extension is offering a way for you to get your foot in the door.

Watch this discussion, titled “Is Beer in your Career?” as some of the leading regional brewers, including Stone Brewing Company CEO and co-founder Greg Koch, Lost Abbey brewer Tomme Arthur, Ballast Point brewer and co-founder Yuseff Cherney, and the founder of White Labs Inc. Pure Yeast and Fermentation, Chris White, discuss the opportunities for those who wish to have a future in the craft brewing scene and the future of the industry itself.

Want more from inside the beer industry? UC San Diego Extension is offering a Brewing Certificate that will teach you everything you need to know to be a professional brewer. Also, catch some candid moments with Greg Koch.

Research Universities & Economic Growth with Chancellor Khosla

Since beginning his tenure as UC San Diego’s eighth chancellor in August 2012, Pradeep Khosla hasn’t wasted any time getting to know his campus and the region within which it resides. Now he’s ready to make his case for the economic value that research universities like UC San Diego create within their surrounding regions and the nation.

Tune in tonight (March 4) at 8pm for “The Role of a Research University on Economic Development,” also available online, during which Chancellor Khosla argues for investing in research universities. He points to the successes of UC San Diego in attracting $1 billion a year in research funding, spawning hundreds of new companies in telecommunications and biotechnology.

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A Musical Month

From perspectives on what makes music musical to the pure pleasure of performance, we’re covering a range of music-inspired programs this month.

We continue the To Be Musical series about the mysteries of music and its effect on lives with appearances by pianist Aleck Karis (March 5) and professor/musician Steven Cassedy (March 19).

Tune in to our coverage of San Diego Opera’s Murder in the Cathedral to get the history of Pizzetti’s opera and a look behind-the-scenes of the production.

Enjoy pianist and educator Cecil Lytle’s peformance of two of Beethoven’s late signature piano works in Lytle Presents Beethoven.

Chancellor Khosla: Research Universities and Economic Growth

In The Role of a Research University on Economic Development, UC San Diego Chancellor Pradeep Khosla argues that investing in research universities leads to greater economic growth in the surrounding regions and the nation. He points to the successes of UC San Diego in attracting $1 billion a year in research funding and spawning hundreds of new companies in telecommunications and biotechnology.


All programs repeat throughout the month. Visit the Program Schedule on our web site for additional air dates and times.

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