Vintage T.V.: One Step Beyond

8232The Golden Age of Television is a name given to the earliest days of the medium (approximately 1949 to 1960) when American prime time television was largely comprised of dramatic anthology series, and when most Americans switched from radio and cinema to television as their primary entertainment source. Though many modern viewers may consider vintage TV programs to be technically crude and/or thematically simplistic by contemporary standards, the vast majority of shows on the air today still rely on the formulas and genres invented during that era.

Watch a complete line-up of vintage T.V. this Saturday, including:

The Executioner (4:00 PM)
Where Are They? (4:30 PM)
To Know The End (5:00 PM)
Gypsy (5:30 PM)
The Stone Cutter (6:00 PM)
The Mask (6:30 PM)
Tonight at 12:17 (7:00 PM)
The Lovers (7:30 PM)
Legacy of Love (8:00 PM)
The Trap (8:30 PM)
Front Runner (9:00 PM)
Call From Tomorrow (9:30 PM)
Ordeal on Locust Street (10:00 PM)
Midnight (10:30 PM)
Delia (11:00 PM)
Anniversary of Murder (11:30 PM)

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